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Rebel Gardens

Seeds I have that you might like

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Rebel Gardens

Seeds I have that you might like

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Silent Rave
So, last year i sucked and didn't get around to mailing out seeds.
But actually going to this year!

Have not bought new seeds this springs yet but here is a list of the seeds I have enough of to easily share [some bought in Nov 2010]:
echinacea purpurea
dill bouquet
mammoth basil
Spicy Blobe Basil Bush
Large Leaf Basil
Lemon Basil
Resina calendula
Mammoth Long Island Dill
CSA saved Acorn Squash seeds
saved seeds from a tasty oval yellow CSA squash
sugar pumpkin saved seeds from roadside farmer stand pumpkins
pickling cucumber seeds
Snow Pears Dwarf Oregon Giant
Dwarf Sugar Ann Snap Peas
red Russian Kale
Asparagus Beans
Bloomsdale Spinach
De Cicco Broccoli
Black WIsconsin Corn
Black Aztec Corn
Hopi Blue Dent Corn
Saved Blue Corn
Baby Pam Small Pumpkins
Forono Cylindricl Beets
Hong Vit Radish greens
Jade Mache Corn Salad greens
Lombardia Smooth Leak Hybrid Spinach
Concept Green Grand Rapids Lettuce
Apple Sweet Pimento Peppers
Osaka Purple Mustard Greens
Arugula Discovery
Queenette Basil
Fino Verde Basil
Blue Spice Hybrid Basil
Serata Basil
Common St Johnswort Hypericum perforatum
Small fruited tiny bottle gourd

Please let me know what you'd like some of, and I will mail them out!

Also I highly recommend checking Johnny's Selected Seeds's online Sale Rack--you can get really good deals, in bulk or in smaller packets.
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