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Rebel Gardens

2011 Gardening Lessons

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Rebel Gardens

2011 Gardening Lessons

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Thing 2
Things I have learned so far this season:

1) Nine-cell trays are an abomination; you will never get your seedlings out without breaking half the roots.
2) Four-cell trays work much better.
2.5) I don't actually need nine plants of any species.
2.6) Except basil.
3) I may try soil blocks yet.
4) Seed-starting works much better with a lid for humidity control, a heat mat for temperature control, and a sundew for fly control.
5) I have more garden than I think I do.
6) I cannot just dig little holes in the turf, plant onion seedlings, and expect to be able to find them later.
7) The same is only slightly less true of dicots.
8) The sod will grow back aggressively if i don't rip it out.
9) Ripping out sod is hard work, but rewarding.
10) Rye makes an excellent cover crop. The seed heads are fuzzy and pettable. It doesn't try to take over the way turf grasses do, though it needs aggressive mowing in the spring.
11) One snake is not enough to eat all those slugs.

What lessons has the season taught you, friends?
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