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Rebel Gardens

I redid the basement seedling setup…

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Rebel Gardens

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I redid the basement seedling setup this afternoon. Somewhere along the line, I remembered I was a lighting tech once upon a time, and have in fact installed complex systems of focused, adjustable, ceiling-mounted lights for a living. And while these adjustable lights are $7 (or less) each, instead of the $1000 monstrosities I'm historically afraid of dropping, there's really no excuse not to at least organize them.

  • 1x40 watt incandescent (in fish tank of flats)
  • 1x60 watt incandescent (out)
  • 4x 100 (14) watt CFL
  • 4x home depot adjustable fixtures
  • 1x goodwill bendy desk lamp
  • 1x paper lantern fixture, minus paper
  • 2x 3-outlet extension cords, max 1000 watts each
  • twine
  • basement rafters
  • removeable 'floor' crates

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