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Rebel Gardens

of trash cycles and compost bins

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Rebel Gardens

of trash cycles and compost bins

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It is that time of year when every piece of discarded plastic packaging - mine or anyone else's - in my vicinity causes me to pause and think "can I start seeds in that?" before the usual "can it be recycled?" or even "does that leach BPA into my food?"

It's also that time of year, for one of the first but certainly not the last time, when I am hyper-conscious of every tiny piece of scrap paper that passes through my hands. Does it need to be shredded? Can it be shredded? What is the ink made of? May I absolve myself of responsibility for its production and processing costs by putting it through the automated whirling blades of death and feeding it to my garden? WHIRLING BLADES OF DEATH! The compost pile needs dry stuff! Decluttered cancelled cheques! Yellow pages! I had spent entirely too much time recently staring at too-large $60 commercial compost bins at the Home Depot garden center before deciding $12 and a chance to play with power tools was a better use of my resources. We'll see how it goes.
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